I design your printable planner stickers requests for free!

Really free?

Yes 100% free. The first reason why I do this because I love what I do and I’m a little bit… Too much addicted about printable planner stickers & design. But what I love the most in doing this is to share them for free to everyone. As I always say, if I can help, why not?

How it works?

Very simple! At the bottom of the page, simply click the button “Begin my request”. You will arrive on another page with a form. Fill the requested information with the most precision as possible in the description. And send the form.

*** Please note that I’m trying to do my best to offer this service. It can take up to 48 hours before your receive your printable planner stickers design by email.


  • You will receive a ZIP. file on the email you gave in the form. The zip. file will contain : One (1) JPG, One (1) PDF and One (1) Silhouette V3 file for each custom request.
  • The design are made on One (1) letter size page. If you want another size or more pages, please let me know in the description.

How can you encourage this blog to stay 100% free?

I want this website/blog to stay 100% free and for always! For that I need your help to make it big. You’re really not obligated to help financially for having access at this service and the freebies. The concept of this blog and customization service is I create for free and you give what you want. Simply share my facebook page, Pin on pinterest, tag me on Instagram, send me your weekly spread or just give love to this blog by writing beautiful comments like you already do 🙂

If you want and if you can (Really no obligation like I mention) This is three way to encourage financially this blog :

My Etsy Shop:

I have an Etsy Shop : MissPlannerStickers. Without this shop, Planner Addiction would not exist. The shop it’s always 50% off because I like to make great deal and my “I want to give to everyone” it’s mix into it. The sales through my Etsy Shop it’s to make more and more freebies and this blog bigger.

The link to my Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/missplannerstickers

Amazon affiliate:

If you have something to buy from Amazon you can click the Amazon link that you found below or at the bottom of the page of all my freebies. When you buy something via my link, even if it’s not the item listed on the link you click. I receive a small portion of the sale, witch help this blog to stay free and to get bigger.


Google AdSense

I monetize my website with Google AdSence with those adds.

*** Please note ***

  • It can take up to 48 hours before you receive your printable planner stickers design via the email you provide in the form.
  • I don’t work on weekend, so if you place a custom request, it will be done on the following week.
  • Your custom design can be post on Planner Addiction to share it to everyone. If you don’t agree with it please let me know in the description of the form.
  • No physical items will be shipped by the mail. They are digital files (JPG, PDF, SIL, ZIP files)
  • Even if they are custom designs, they are for personal use only. Files cannot be resold, modify or used commercially.

Custom Designs